UCI Programs

Unity Community Initiative currently has a COVID-19 relief initiative (in parnership with On DeBand) doing livestream charity events, a number of amazing mentors to help further your career, and a pipeline/leadership program releasing in 2021! For mentor requests, and all other questions, email ucinitiative@gmail.com. Learn more about our programs below!

UCI Higher-Education Scholarship Program:

The scholarship program is for those seeking higher-education beyond high-school in any form (community and 4-year college, trade school, etc.). The scholarship will change depending on what UCI feels necessary, however as a general rule, it will usually involve ways to help communities.

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UCI Mentorship Program:

The purpose of the mentorship program is to help those seeking the opportunity to get a leg-up in their career through shadowing and receiving training through a mentor in their field of choice.

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UCI Pipeline Program:

UCI's pipeline program is intended to help those who are seeking help getting into law-enforcement, first-responders, as well as help those who are seeking asylum from life situations through sports programs that focus on those goals. UCI will pay the fees required for the requested season year.

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