This is what your projects needs to succeed!

The requirements will change for every scholarship based on the topic. For example, if we are in partnership with a city, business or a police department, the scholarship will be based on the needs and boundaries set by the specific business or department. If there is no partnership, the scholarship will be based on how to improve a city in general, the topics are broad and the general format can be followed:

You must identify the city and state of the community, not just a county or state, but a specific city and state of your choice. There is no word count to the report, what matters is how clearly you convey your ideas and how effective they would be if executed. Some ideas of community problems or improvement could be: political, service projects needed, economic improvement, religious, etc. You can use the following format if you choose to (as we post our scholarships more specific instructions will be given):

1. Situational Analysis
2. Objectives
3. Target Audiences
4. Strategies
5. Tactics
6. Budget
7. Measurement